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SEIDEN is the original HiFi rotary switch maker of Japan.
The rotary switch of SEIDEN is used for the high-end audio equipments of LUX and DENON.
Many Japanese audiophiles are using high-class Attenuater of SEIDEN.
As for the SEIDEN product, 32NEG, 43NEG, 45NEG, 56NEG, 62NEG, and 74NEG series are prepared.

BP Products
BP is Japanese original audio maker in Japan.
BP developed original new amplifier circuit named SATRI Circuit and manufacturing.
SATRI circuit is a special current amplification circuit amplified using resistance.
SATRI circuit is one tip as a SATRI-IC.
BP uses SATRI-IC for all products.
Amplifier products are AMP-5511Mk2,AMP-5512,AMP-5520,AMP-5530,AMP-5540.
DAC-2000 is D/A Converter.
EQA-5620 is MC equalizer.
SATRI Circuit IC is included of all BP products.

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